Innovative, Durable, Specialist

We manufacture a wide range of highest quality products using a combination of state of the art technology and the specialist expertise of our professional craftsmen.

Working on client projects from schools to hospitals, local authority buildings to historic edifices, hotels to museums we provide a full range of internal doorsets including fire and acoustic doorsets, Secured by Design external doorsets and specialist timber windows.

Our range encompasses the standard and the unique – but each has the common factors of attention to detail, durability, confirmed environmental credentials and accreditation.

With Hall and Tawse you are never restricted to standard sizes with all elements of our manufacture carried out in-house we are not under the restraints of “standard” product sizes, fenestration's and finishes. Our craftsmen can meet the most stringent and unusual specifications and manufacture the highest quality products. This precision manufacturing is achieved through a combination of our highly trained workforce, our state of the art facilities and the quality of the component materials we use. We choose each component to ensure longevity with the minimum of maintenance – delivering value for money over the product's life service.

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