Innovative, Bespoke, Effective

Each project you undertake will be unique. The need for sound reduction and privacy will vary from building to building and sector to sector. With the Hall and Tawse range of acoustic doorsets providing acoustic ratings from 28dB through to 45dB/RW and back-to-back sets available with up to 50dB/RW ratings, you can be confident that we will collaborate with you to provide the correct solution for your project needs.

We can provide doorsets which fit both your acoustic and fire resistance requirements to suit hotels, hospitals, schools, theatres and music halls. Wherever you need to minimise sound transfer, Hall and Tawse can provide an innovative, bespoke solution which performs as well as it looks.

Our project team will work with you to identify the doorsets configuration to meet your specification – and can provide the sound reduction you require with a variety of aesthetic finishes.

Our environmental credentials mean that your products will have minimal impact on the environment.

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