Certified, Effective, Safe

Hall and Tawse is a Secured by Design (SBD) licensee holder and has been since its early conception. You can be confident that our work supports the principle of ‘designing out crime’ through physical security and high-level security standards’. A police-led initiative, the SBD principles (minimum standards of physical security and natural surveillance and defensible space) have been proven to reduce crime and the fear of crime creating safer, more secure and sustainable environments.

New and refurbished student and key worker accommodation, private apartment residences, commercial premises and car parks have a need for SBD quality products. Whether you are a developer, architect, local authority, surveyor, planner or housing association, Hall and Tawse can help develop and manufacture secure occupier entrance doorsets to suit your specification. Our experienced design team will work alongside your team to apply the SBD principles to your projects, and where required we will provide fire protection and acoustic performance.

Our SBD range of products and features includes:

  • Internal SBD doorsets, single action, single leaf and complete with hardwood frames
  • Multipoint locks with card reader option
  • Acoustic performance
  • Fire & smoke performance
  • Alternative handle/rose options
  • External block entrance

Independent academic research consistently proves that SBD developments experience up to 75% less burglary, 25% less car crimes and 25% less criminal damage. There are also carbon cost savings associated with new build and refurbished homes which are completed to SBD standards.

Hall and Tawse SBD products are innovative, well researched and effectively designed and coupled with robust, quality manufacturing processes will provide improved whole life cost.

Take advantage of our comprehensive experience in SBD doorsets and talk to our technical team about finding the correct solutions for your needs.

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