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The Hall & Tawse Collection by DorSuite

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As one of the UK's most innovative manufacturers, DorSuite provide through the Hall & Tawse Collection a range of Fire-Rated Social Housing Specific Doorsets and Screens. These are supported by a suite of accreditations including the Secure by Design Scheme

With a multitude of fully tested SBD doorsets we provide a selection of fenestrations and colour finishes to meet individual client needs.

Working at the front end, the DorSuite Technical Team collaborate with a myriad of Social Landlords across the United Kingdom to achieve assured solutions.

Since 1880

Quality without Compromise

Under 'Secured by Design' License , the Hall & Tawse Collection encompasses a comprehensive range of door and screen assemblies, all of which have been tested against current British and European standards, and supplied to Local Authorities and other Registered Social Landlords.


Your Trusted Partner


Having worked collaboratively with Isligton Council's Fire Protection Team, Dorsuite helped to provide a compliant solution for their current Fire Rated Flat Entrance Door-set (FED) Replacement Programme.


To date, over 2000nr FED's have been installed and the Programme will progress to completion via the Term Contractor and their Installtion Team. In addition to the FED's on this Programme Dorsuite supply the fire-rated Communal Door-sets, Duct Door-sets, Second Means of Escape Door-sets and ancillary Cupboard Door-sets.


With a working relationship that has spanned over 40-years, Dorsuite continue to be the Door-set supplier of choice for ACC.

Dorsuite have supplied in excess of 1400nr FED's on the Council's current FD60S Flat Entrance Door-set Replacement Programme and through progress meetings and forward planning have production slots in place for this year's requirements.


In conjunction with Harrow Council's Design Team, a cross corridor FD60S Screen & Door-set configuration was designed for their low rise blocks.

The Council took a pragmatic approach in specifying an overall product assembly that provided additional protection to the FD30S originally reviewed.

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