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The Finish


The Hall & Tawse Finish

The finish to any joinery product highlights the level of quality attained and at Hall and Tawse Joinery we ensure the highest quality finishes to all of our manufactured joinery. 

Whether it is an external or internal product, full paint finish, clear or tinted lacquer we can offer the tailored finish to suit all client requirements. With our two onsite spray-booth facilities, fully automated over-head tracking system and UV lacquer-line we can ensure a consistency of finish that compliments the highest levels of workmanship that have gone before.

With our high build lacquers, the natural characteristics of the different timber species are enhanced bringing out it’s natural beauty with a high degree of clarity. The silky-smooth feel and the crisp, hard finish provides a quality of finish that exceeds our clients expectations.
Again, as with our paint systems we offer a full antibacterial, antifungal, anti-dust mite and anti-algal lacquer giving our clients total peace of mind when it comes to hygiene requirements. This gives shield against mould and mildew, thus ensuring protection against germ cross-infection, allergies, rotting, degradation, odours and spoilage in any combination.

Along with this we offer a complete ‘stain match’ to meet your requirements.  These stains can be either applied with a base stain and a clear lacquer on top or a pigmented lacquer. Either way, these stains are formulated to provide excellent grain definition and depth of colour.

With our state of the art UV cure lacquer line, you can be assured that the quality of finish you are receiving is the same from door to door. With this type of application, it requires a second or less of UV radiation to achieve a 100% cured film which all helps with maintaining short lead-times.

In addition, we provide flame spread solutions to meet Class 0 & Class 1 requirements where specified e.g. full height veneered wall panelling.




The Paint

The paints we use are designed to keep our products looking their best year after year. We carefully select from our extensive paint portfolio to ensure the coating we apply is both correct for the substrate material and will offer optimum performance for the products final environment.

Whether it is for external or internal use, Hall & Tawse offer a complete range of colours and can match any RAL or British Standard colour that our clients require. We offer a range of antibacterial & antimicrobial interior paints which are ideal in a health and hygiene environments such as hospitals, schools & kitchens were hygiene is paramount.

The exterior paints we use are designed to withstand the harshest climates and provide protection against UV-light, rain, humidity and extreme temperatures. The micro porous finish allows the timber to ‘breath’ without causing any damage to the surface coating.

Our products are carefully prepared for painting by state of the art machinery before the application process commences. Once the initial primer coat is applied, skilled operators will prepare the product between further coats to ensure a perfect finish is achieved. We also offer a ‘dual colour’ where a client may require a different colour on two different sides of the product.

High traffic areas are often specified with laminate finished doors and at Hall and Tawse we offer a full range of HPL laminates in a variety of colours and finishes. From woodgrain decors to solid colour finishes, these laminates will offer protection from the constant impact these doors are likely to receive.

The antibacterial protection comes as standard on all our laminates which provide resistance against micro-organisms. We also offer a range of fire retardant laminates that minimize smoke emission and delay the temperature rise, making it more resistant to fire and ill effects. The fire retardant that is used is halogen free and eliminates the risk of toxic smoke.


Depending on what your preferences are, we can offer either an exposed or concealed lipping. These can be a contrasting colour if required to meet DDA requirements.

To ensure additional protection to the face of your laminate doors until all installation works are complete we can provide an “easy peel” plastic covering to the face of the laminate. This will reduce the risk of any on-site damage to the laminate and help keep it in a pristine condition.





There is a certain beauty to a natural product that cannot be equalled by any man-made material. With the lively contrasts set out in many timber grains, you will never find two identical pieces whether it be a veneer or a doorframe.

Depending on the species of timber you require, we can offer both Crown Cut and Quarter Cut veneers as well as book matched for pairs, leaf and half doorsets and over panels. Along with these standard veneers we can also offer a full range of special veneers with inlays to match your requirements, including a style and rail effect.

All our veneers are produced from the highest quality sustainable sources, each flitch individually selected and stitched together to create either a horizontal or vertical grain.

These veneers can be stained to match your décor requirements and of course they are coated in our antibacterial lacquer to give you that additional piece of mind.

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